Playful Artistry in NYC

I moved to New York City right out of college. Every aspect of the City's diversity intrigued me from the start. Love lured me away, but I came back to New York when it was time. City life still thrills me. Continue reading to learn more about Rosalind Reed's Art.

I start each picture with a sense of 'it's time to play'. Those moments reflect everything that's good about being free. As I play with colors, shapes, and lines, the picture and I begin a dialog with what's on the canvas. We keep chatting, sometimes with long breaks between chats, until I think enough has been said. It's helpful that I work with multiple pictures at a time. Sometimes, there are long pauses between 'chats.'

When I look back at my work life, I realize that I've always been interested in shapes. When I worked in real estate investment banking, I had to evaluate a building or a portfolio of buildings and turn these square shapes into a story that could meet the needs of investors. Later, I started a residential landscape design business. In landscape design, I created a three-dimensional idea that could meet the client's needs, translating this 3-D concept onto a two-dimensional plan and sketch. Now, I create in two dimensions, manifesting multi-layered ideas and feelings. It always amazes me that there is a theme running through these apparently disparate careers.